About Catherine


Catherine has mostly lived and worked in Yorkshire. Her first teacher was her father, a skilled amateur painter and when young she often used to go out on sketching trips with him into the Derbyshire countryside. It was these trips that gave her a love of landscape which provides some of her inspiration now.

After pursuing a more academic education and career she returned to art in later years, spending 10 years at the Redbrick Art Academy in West Yorkshire run by renowned artist Tom Wood. She finds inspiration from many sources – but capturing the forms, shapes, colours and other elemental characteristics of the moors near her home is her main focus. Hence, everything  becomes an abstract of sorts and pure abstraction is certainly a form of painting that she is increasingly drawn to. “My intention is not to depict a landscape in a literal sense but to explore it in a more abstracted way” she says.

Her method of painting, whatever the materials, involves applying many layers, some of which may peep through in the final image to give an interesting and intriguing texture to the work and some layers may disappear almost completely but remain integral to the history of the work. 

Her most recent series’ of works ‘Land Forms’ and ‘Ennead’  have both developed from a growing love of working with collage papers which she first paints and prints herself. “I love the element of chance that frequently occurs with collage. When a random piece of paper comes to hand and it totally fits, it is like there is some divine intervention and the papers themselves are telling me how the piece should look” says Catherine.

Catherine has had work in many galleries and open exhibitions in the north of England and the Midlands.

Galleries exhibited in:

Harrison Lord Gallery, Brighouse

Millyard Gallery, Uppermill

Lupton Square Gallery, Honley

Masham Gallery, Masham

Hope Gallery, Batley

Gallery 49, Bridlington

Creative Arts Hub, Mirfield

Globe Arts, Slaithwaite

Ferens Art Gallery, Hull

Spirals Gallery, Hebden Bridge

Tarpey Gallery, Castle Donington

Cupola Gallery, Sheffield

Water St Gallery, Todmorden

Old Lock Up Gallery, Cromford, Derbyshire

Fronteer Gallery, Sheffield